sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008

The Secret Green Cove



by Swaroop

There is this unknown planet on the outer fringes of our galaxy, far more peripheral than sun in relation to the center of the galaxy.
No space explorer had assumed there would be a planet in such a thin region of space. An explorer's ship's navigational system failed and he was aimlessly wandering around the galaxy. Then , suddenly the light sensors in his ship noticed strange pulsatile light emitting structures on a planet. With difficulty, the explorer moved towards the source, where he noticed a planet , bustling with life, he had just discovered a civilised alien race. The aliens were hospitable and could commmunicate with the explorer by gestures and telepathy. They explained to him that light houses were built on that planet here and there not to guide ships in the ocean, but to guide flying machines.

The aliens had not yet discovered RADAR and other navigational tools, so , inspite of having advances space ships, the aliens were using lighthouses for guidance.

The explorer remained on the planet and then, showed a star map and location of earth and also exchanged some technology. The aliens got technology from the explorer, in return , the aliens came to earth and gave a genius solution to all strife on earth.
They will scare us to stay silent or else they will nuke us
that scare will make us stop fighting amongst ourselves.

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Syn disse...

bem sombrio esse
gostei muito!

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